The Chairman at Work is a company that gives massages at work, this is done by people with visual impairments. The Chairman would like to build sustainable relationships with the customer and offer a subscription service in the form of a box. Their business mentality: who cares gets back. Who is good for there staff will get much of his staff back. In this box you will find information how to keep staff healthy and satisfied and its importance of it.

There are 4 types of boxes. One is the promo box. This is used as an introduction to people with the Chairmen at Work. In addition, three subscriptions. Each subscription has its own box, a box sent each quarter with new content. The exact contents are different per subscription.

A relaxation moment is the core of the Chairmen at work this is reflected in the box. The outside will be shaped to the hustle and bustle of business life. The inside will contrast this and the viewer will experience relaxation.

It is important to have both an online and an offline approach for the company. This is because many people are active online and here so a lot of people with it. But offline, there are many opportunities to make interest for The Chairmen at Work.

THE CHAIRMEN AT WORK | promotion movie

3d illustratie - transparant

CHAIRMEN AT WORK | interior design

There will be a temporary experience in a location on station Amsterdam Zuid. This experience will be based on six factors of succes. These six factors will be translated to a series of chairs, which can be used as inspiration voor the target group.


The success factors include: involvement, health, development, organisation, General periodic inspection and strength. These factors will help the businessman in the future, to keep growing en developing.

On the outside of the property there is a glass wall. Behind these glass wall you see a rails with black curtains, which makes the room darker but it also creates the opportunity for questions. De room on it self is all white with a wooden floor. The space is lit up by projections spots, focused on the chairs.

Thanks to simplicity in form and color de chairs get make the focus in the room. De projections spots shine on the chairs in such a way, that the shape of the various chairs come trough the darkness. Each chair will have space around it to move, talk en sit on the objects. In this way, the employees of Chairmen at Work can personally connect with the target group.

CHAIRMEN at work BOOK | concept, film, location, photo (dutch)

online magazine | suggestion (dutch)

 DSC_00811 betrokkenheid

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CHAIRMENT AT WORK | photography styling

Based on the six succes factors: involvement, health, development, organization, General periodic inspection, power. Commissioned by Chairmen at work there is a photo shoot made. These images can be used in the online magazine for inspiration.

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